Pistachio Thumb® is an ERGONOMICALLY designed pistachio opener that fits comfortably over the thumb and makes eating pistachios a more FUN and ENJOYABLE experience.

KIDS LOVE PISTACHIO THUMB®!! Get your kids into healthy snacking in a fun way with our kids size Pistachio Thumb®.

Understandably, a lot of WOMEN pass on the this HEALTHY NUT because they don’t want to chip their BEAUTIFULLY MANICURED NAILS; well pass no longer ladies, Pistachio Thumb® to the rescue!!

Pistachios are one of the most flavorful and versatile ingredient foods on the planet; get CREATIVE and have FUN with your everyday recipes by rapidly and painlessly cracking open large amounts of pistachios with the Pistachio Thumb®.

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See what people are saying…

“It’s amazing, as a Chef, I purchase pre-shelled pistachios to save on labor. Pre-shelled pistachios are inferior and more expensive; this tool can help my labor and food costs and it’s fun to use. I am a Dad so the Family 4-Pack is appealing as well”

-Chef Philip Speer, Former Director of Culinary Operations at Uchi and Uchiko

“The Pistachio Thumb is a great idea! Makes shelling pistachios easy and fun. No more callused thumbs.”

-Chef Jill Schweder, Executive Pastry Chef at Vince Young Steakhouse

“I love it, it’s fantastic…Pistachio Thumb is a great invention that allows consumers to get to their favorite nut even quicker! There’s a lot that this device could achieve for our industry!”

-Richard Matoian, Executive Director of American Pistachio Growers